Food Packaging News: Myths, Cause Marketing And More

Packaging news worth a look.

Higher food costs not linked to ethanol production. The same conclusion should be drawn to food packaging derived from corn.

Plastics and myths. This is just to show we don’t filter out “bad press”. Of course this blogger is an expert in telling only half or sometimes even a quarter of the story. You can’t lump all plastics into one group. Many of her “myth” conclusions are totally inaccurate. For example her myth one about using recycled material in the production of new products does not lessen the need for virgin material. Completely false. The products would be made regardless. By using recycled material it certainly does reduce the need for virgin resources. We have used over 14 million pounds of post consumer recycled material within our products. That’s 14 million less pounds of virgin needed. Also, our own EPA concluded that recycling and using products with post consumer content is one of the best ways to divert materials normally headed for the solid waste stream. Read it with a grain of salt.

Nano technology for food packaging. Here’s a small article that is interesting. Sorry couldn’t resist the pun.

Super size me no more. Studies show folks actually want smaller portion sizes. Hey, and it didn’t take a government mandate. Go figure.

Food packaging can do more than just protect & market a food item. It can also help with “cause marketing”.