Food Packaging News: New Packaging Material, Cereal Boxes And More

Interactive cereal boxes? How cool is that?

Creative food packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. My favorite from that group was the smiley face ice cream container. One that was not on there is the Sabra humus package which I think is a great looking presentation (and really good humus to boot).

Bio-based terms can be confusing to consumers. Very good article talking about good green marketing practices. FYI, at Genpak we practice full disclosure and have third party confirmations for our claims.

I’ll have mushrooms with that computer! Brilliant. God bless good old fashioned American ingenuity! Pretty soon Mr. Fusion will become a reality (Google it if you don’t get it).

More bans that do nothing more than replace one type of litter with another all while driving up prices for consumers and squeezing profits for local businesses. Yet another activist in Ms. Kasa spreading fear and misinformation regarding food packaging that’s been used safely, for over 40 years. How about instead of banning products, the local municipalities crack down on litter bugs and step up trash collection?

Fostering the next generation of food packaging engineers. Bravo.

Foamed polystyrene recycling efforts! Hats off to a progressive thinking community. Perhaps the city leaders of Salinas should pay attention here.