Compostable Food Service Packaging

Genpak continuously strives to build sustainable packaging solutions. This includes integrating eco-friendly features into our hinged containers, cups, plates and dinnerware, including reusability and recyclability. We have achieved great success with two of our popular food packaging lines made with environmentally preferable materials.

Harvest® Paper and Harvest® Fiber are industrial compostable, eco-friendly packaging solutions for a wide range of food container application needs. From paper cups and bowls to microwave safe hinged containers, Genpak offers diverse line of eco-friendly solutions.

compostable paper cone cup with 3 portion cupsHarvest® Paper – Our paper coneportion and drink cups are produced from raw materials originating from forests managed following Sustainable Forestry Practices. As an added benefit, all Genpak paper products are industrial compostable. Also, our eco friendly food packaging paper product configurations are engineered for maximum strength and durability utilizing box pleats, concave surface areas and rolled rims.

salmon lunch served in 3 compartment hinged containerHarvest® Fiber – Our fiber material is manufactured from natural resources and is BPI Certified Commercially Compsotable.  Harvest® Fiber products are microwave safe, grease/water resistant, and contain no added PFAS. Each item is engineered with ease of use as a priority. Features such as our famous Snap-It style closure on our take out containers and convenient stacking rims will keep customers coming back for more.

If you are truly looking to lessen your impact on the environment when it comes to your cups, plates and food containers, give Genpak a call. We will help match your current food container and packaging products with compostable and more environmentally friendly ones from our Harvest® lines. Call us at 800-626-6695 or fill out the form below.

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