Hinged Containers: Plastic, Foam And Compostable Food Containers

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ProView hinged containers that are microwave safe
New premium hinged containers
Clover Hinged containers
New versatile, microwave safe and curbside recyclable containers.
compostable dinnerware
Industrial compostable* plates, dinnerware and hinged containers.
plastic hinged deli containers
Clear plastic hinged deli, bakery & produce containers.
to go container
Foam hinged dinner containers.
Foam containers perfect for snacks!
Foam hinged sandwich and snack containers.
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Genpak and hinged containers go together like ice cream and apple pie. We were first to pioneer the foam hinged container market and have never looked back. Since those early years we have grown our hinged container and clamshell packaging solutions to include hundreds of products across four different material classes: foam, clear APET, compostable and hybrid food containers. Options such as venting, printing and embossing all started right here and have become customer favorites for those looking for clamshell container solutions. We have also recently expanded into other non-traditional materials like our hybrid and compostable substrates.