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2 women eating from convenient store packaging

Convenience Store Food Packaging

Convenience store food service is rapidly evolving. Gone as the days of insulated burgers and lukewarm hot dogs. In 2022, nearly 60% of polled Americans view convenience stores as on par with fast food restaurants (source – Bluedot). Many C-stores are elevating food service operations to boost customer experiences. Reliable and versatile, Genpak containers maintain…
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recyclable clear hinged container with chicken sandwich inside

Top Recyclable Food Service Containers That Protect Meal Integrity

Genpak’s reliable food service packaging helps boost takeout operation efficiency In today’s off-premises dining market, providing positive dining experiences that yield customer satisfaction and retention is crucial. Food service packaging is pivotal in delivering optimal experiences to off-premises diners. The right packaging impacts the end-result quality and presentation of meals when picked up or delivered…
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Clover container for restaurant takeout

Clover Food Service Containers Help With Optimal Restaurant Performance

Clover™ delivers convenience and efficiency from the back of the house to the customer’s front door. Composed of polypropylene, Clover™ is a leak-resistant, easily stackable line of food service containers suitable for hot and cold food applications. With a vented lid and durable design, Clover™ helps maintain meal freshness, preserves presentation, and provides ease in…
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Are Your Leftover Containers Microwave Safe?

In today’s day and age, convenience is key. And that carries over into food service. There’s no doubt about it. Leftover food that can be reheated right in the leftover container is just plain convenient for your customer! That’s one less dirty dish for them to clean. Microwave safe leftover containers are a premium feature…
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natural materials

What Are Our Harvest Fiber Containers Made From?

If you’re looking for high quality compostable takeout containers or dine in products for your restaurant, Genpak has you covered. Our Harvest Fiber containers are compostable dinnerware and hinged containers made from an annually renewable resource known as bagasse. But what exactly is bagasse and what are its benefits over other compostable materials? We break…
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Green recycle bin

Are Your Takeout Containers Curbside Recyclable?

According to the EPA, containers and packaging alone contribute to over 23% of materials reaching landfills in the United States. Food-related containers and packaging are included in this category.  Using food containers made of recyclable materials is a responsible decision by your restaurant to help reduce the number of food containers that reach landfills each…
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Vented vs nonvented takeout containers

Why Vented Food Packaging Matters

It’s all happened to us before. You order takeout from your favorite restaurant, you bring it home ready to munch on crispy french fries or fried chicken wings and… your food is soggy. Nothing spoils a takeout meal quite like wilted and soggy food. That’s why many years back, Genpak developed the first vented food…
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