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Harvest Fiber compostable tableware

Genpak’s Harvest Fiber Commercially Compostable Containers And Tableware

Genpak has improved its Harvest® Fiber line of products, which is now made from natural materials, contains no added PFAS, and is commercially compostable. These products are USDA BioPreferred and BPI Certified Commercially Compostable. And there’s something for all applications – hinged containers, tableware, and trays. These are one of the best choices for operators…
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2 women eating from convenient store packaging

The Evolution of Convenience Store Food Service Packaging

Convenience store food service is rapidly evolving. Gone as the days of insulated burgers and lukewarm hot dogs. In 2022, nearly 60% of polled Americans view convenience stores as on par with fast food restaurants (source – Bluedot). Many C-stores are elevating food service operations to boost customer experiences. Reliable and versatile, Genpak containers maintain…
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Clover container for restaurant takeout

Clover Food Service Containers Help With Optimal Restaurant Performance

Clover™ delivers convenience and efficiency from the back of the house to the customer’s front door. Composed of polypropylene, Clover™ is a leak-resistant, easily stackable line of food service containers suitable for hot and cold food applications. With a vented lid and durable design, Clover™ helps maintain meal freshness, preserves presentation, and provides ease in…
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Genpak close-off container - PV20520CO

All Purpose Hinged Food Container

Introducing the PV20520CO all purpose closed off container. This versatile container is perfect for delivery, take out, grab and go and much more. Microwave-safe and top shelf dishwasher safe features for multiple uses. The close off lid prevents food migration, serving as a barrier in order to keep food items separate for portability. The lid…
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customer opening food delivery containers to serve meal

Best in Food Service Delivery containers

Take out and home-delivery are still on the rise. Whether your customers are ordering through third-party delivery provider or from you directly your restaurant food packaging needs to be impeccable. You leave a lot of responsibility to their delivery drivers. Pledge to your fans that your food maintains its restaurant quality off-site with our ProView…
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