Top Recyclable Food Service Containers That Protect Meal Integrity

Genpak’s reliable food service packaging helps boost takeout operation efficiency

recyclable clear hinged container with chicken sandwich inside

In today’s off-premises dining market, providing positive dining experiences that yield customer satisfaction and retention is crucial.

Food service packaging is pivotal in delivering optimal experiences to off-premises diners. The right packaging impacts the end-result quality and presentation of meals when picked up or delivered to customers. Genpak, food service packaging manufacturer and innovator, produces performance-reliable food service packaging designed to travel well and uphold meal presentation. All containers listed are suitable for hot and cold food applications.


Clover™ delivers convenience and efficiency from the back of the house to the customer’s front door. Composed of 100% polypropylene, Clover™ is a leak-resistant and easily stackable line of food service containers. Designed to travel well, Clover™ helps maintain meal freshness, preserves presentation, and provides ease in portability. Clover™ is and durable and reliable food packaging solution with a vented lid that effectively allows steam to escape the container. Comes in a variety of sizes to meet your business needs. Custom logo embossing is available for heightened brand recognition. Microwavable, reusable, and recyclable (check your local municipality).


ProView™ is a premium-quality container that delivers a superior view. ProView™ merges top-quality functionality with an impressive design. The container’s vented feature helps maintain meal freshness. The sleek black base and clear lid showcase meal presentation. A perfect solution for meal-prep businesses as the containers are refrigerator and microwave safe. Designed to travel well, ProView™ is also an ideal packaging solution for full-service restaurants. ProView™ allows restaurant staff to quickly verify the accuracy of customer orders. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your business needs. Custom logo embossing options are available. Curbside recyclable (check your local municipality).

ProView™ Close-Off

Need absolute assurance that food won’t unintentionally mix during travel? ProView™ Close-Off are compartmentalized containers that enhance off-premises operations by keeping food contents intact. ProView™ Close-Off protects meal presentation and food integrity with compartmentalized bases and lids. For example, the container prevents specialty sauces from integrating with sides. ProView™ Close-Off is a restaurant’s best defense in helping replicate in-house dining. Available in a variety of sizes to meet your business needs. Microwave and refrigerator safe. Home reusable and recyclable (check your local municipality).

Consumers and Packaging

According to Technomic, only 25% of surveyed diners stated that they would likely return to a restaurant after a negative experience with packaging. Because of the limited off-premises interaction between restaurants and consumers, takeout diners have fewer factors impacting their overall opinion of a restaurant than traditional in-house dining. Thus, utilizing the right, top-quality packaging that effectively delivers meals as they are intended to look and taste is more important than ever. Contact Genpak to learn more about our durable, performance-reliable food service containers.

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