Genpak’s Clear Hinged Deli Containers Get Endorsement

Green Restaurant Association Endorsement

We are very pleased to announce that for another year, our line of Clear Hinged Deli Containers will be an endorsed product by the Green Restaurant Association. For those of you who don’t know them, the GRA is a non-profit organization that helps restaurant operators, manufacturers, distributors and consumers to become more environmentally aware. They offer certification programs for restaurants and will endorse products, such as our Deli’s, that meet their very high standards. We support their efforts and thank them for their endorsement.


In other news we had a very successful Catersource show earlier this month in Las Vegas. The booth traffic was steady with highly energetic Caterer’s looking for ways to reduce their costs and increase their customer loyalty. The most requested and sought after line we presented was our S4 Dinnerware line. The show attendees liked the upscale appearance our classic black laminated material provided. Most any food looks great when presented in a black plate, platter or bowl.  They also really liked the progressive “square” design of the S4 product. Also, although not every Caterer was looking for them, some like that we offered crystal clear lids for each of our S4 products. Without question though, I think it was the economics that hit home the most. Our S4 products are much less expensive than the injection molded, solid plastic products they were used to. Some sited it would be less expensive by a significant amount. 

So the good news is we made a bunch of Caterer’s day with a great product at a great price. The bad news was I lost $250 at the tables, so I won’t be able to quit my day job which means more blogs for you to enjoy.