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Genpak stackable food containers

Why You’ll Love the New A8801 & AS8802 Clear Hinged Food Service Containers

Authentic food presentation is key to inclined sales in today’s market, and there is no better product to use for customer attraction than Genpak’s new A8801 and AS8802 Clear Hinged Food Service Containers. We introduce to you a duo of attention-grabbing packaging that showcases signature menu items to strengthen brand image. They are both addendums…
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Food Packaging New: Trends for Food Packaging

Recycled content in food packaging plays a big role in consumer’s choices at the retail shelf. Packaging is playing a much more important role than in years past. Food safety, integrity and merchandising are all huge factors when choosing the correct packaging. Panda Restaurant group is testing a brand new plate that allows consumer’s to choose…
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Food Packaging Goes Hollywood

The other evening I was watching a little TV and noticed one of our foam hinged take out containers being used during one of the scenes. I knew it was a Genpak foam hinged container because I’ve worked here long enough to recognize our stuff at a quick glance. Drives my wife nutty when we are…
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Foam Food Service Packaging

My morning started out pretty good. Got the kid off to school, had my morning coffee and the temperature is actually reasonable (for this time of year)…then I read through some emails. Normally a fairly benign task to be sure. But in this morning’s emails were two articles regarding food service packaging. Needless to say…
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Top Ten of 2010

As we draw to a close for 2010 here at Genpak, I figured a top 10 list might be in order. There certainly are many topics to choose from both inside and outside our company. Who knew the food service industry could be such a hot bed of topics? From silly governmental bans to block-buster…
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