Product Spotlight – May

S4 Dinnerware
S4 Dinnerware

Welcome to the first installation of Product Spotlight.  Here we’ll cover one of our products or product lines and detail some obvious and possibly not so obvious features that you may find interesting and useful.

For the  first review, we’ll cover our S4 Dinnerware line.  What makes these single use plates, bowls, platters and lids special is they are the first of their kind.  A laminated, non-traditional (not round) dinnerware line that offers a truly low cost alternative to the typical solid plastic, very expensive options currently on the market.  Even though I’d like to, I have yet to meet a food service operator who was looking to increase their spending for food packaging.  Most are looking to cut, or at least maintain what they are spending.  What S4 allows restaurants and operators to do is actually lower their cost by switching from those expensive items to one that won’t break the bank.

Probably the best part of S4 though is its look.  Most people would expect these items to be pricey, but quite to the contrary, we have yet to find anybody that has switched from solid plastic non-traditional options to S4 that has not saved significant money.  When was the last time one of your suppliers told you they could save you money?  Probably never, especially if you are buying one of these expensive square, rectangular or multi-sided options are competitors are peddling these days.

S4 Dinnerware goes great with nearly any menu option as well.  Burgers, wraps, salads right up to full course meals have been served using S4 items.  The sleek lines and premium black lamination really make food items pop.  We have many satisfied customers serving Italian dishes, chicken meals, asian foods as well as salads in S4 products.

Another great feature of the S4 line is they may be used for take-out applications as well!  No need to have multiple sku’s for dine in and take out.  Just pop on the crystal clear lid and you have an excellent to go option. An added benefit of the recyclable lids is that they are made from up to 50% post consumer recycled content.

Contemporary appearance, superior functionality, multiple applications and a low price point.  I’m sold!  Drop us a line and ask for a free sample kit of S4 Dinnerware products today!  I promise you won’t be disappointed.