Who are we?

We are a company comprised of people all working toward a common goal of providing our customers with top quality foodservice packaging products with top quality service. It’s as simple as that. I won’t go into the usual sales pitch about the products we produce. For that you can easily access the product pages of our website. Here I’d like to tell you about the quality that sets Genpak apart from the field. It is the quality that many of our long-term customers have known forever and one our newer customers are quickly realizing. That quality is our people. A company can make the greatest product in the world (which we do…sorry couldn’t resist), but unless it has a team of professionals dedicated to ensure consistent quality and consistent service, it would never take root. This is where we rise to the top. Our team of sales professionals are well known and respected as knowing their business and geographic markets they service. You’ll also quickly learn they are a fun bunch of folks to deal with who will treat you fair and honest.

We also have what is probably the most experienced group of engineers and operations people that keep our 17 manufacturing facilities running like well-oiled machines. While many companies look to isolate their manufacturing sites from their customers for fear of what they might think or see, we on the other hand, find that a plant tour, no matter which plant, usually seals the deal and sets our customer’s mind at ease. It is not because our plants are meticulously clean and bright, or that they consistently score “superior” on their third-party audits. It is because the people who make these plants come alive are dedicated and proud to call these state-of-the-art facilities their own. Common comments from customers who tour our plants are generally concentrated around the people who work there and their knowledge of the facility and equipment used to produce our products.

Finally, our administrative office located in beautiful Charlotte, NC, is packed with professionals whose task it is to support our customer base. No matter the department, you’ll find people who are willing to help you.

Listen, don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the testimonials we’ve received from satisfied customers. Or better yet, pick up the phone and give us a call. Make up your own mind. I’m confident that after a few minutes you’ll come to know what our customers already know. It is the people they work with here at Genpak that keeps them coming back.

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