No Spill Take-Out Containers

It’s no secret that the number one complaint from consumers, regarding take-out food packaging, is when their food spills out on the ride home. How often has that happened to you? You’ve got a great meal from your favorite restaurant and are driving home to enjoy it only to see that some of it has spilled out the side gaps. That was, in fact, the number one pet peeve from an on line survey we conducted.  Food container survey results

At Genpak, we think you should get every last tasty morsel of your meal. That’s why we engineered our containers better than the rest. Our containers will not promote accidental spilling, unlike the other guys. Like most things in this world, you get what you pay for. Yeah our containers sometimes are not the cheapest containers out there. But consider the messy alternative.

We like to back up our claims with proof. Check out this short video demonstration showing how well our container holds food in.

Seeing really is believing isn’t it? To learn a little more about our leak resistant packaging, click here.