Food Packaging Solutions: Taco Salad Containers

One of the many traits that sets Genpak apart from the rest is our willingness to solve customer food packaging problems. Many of our best selling items have been born from problems brought to us by our valued customers. Vented containers, close-off packaging, decorated containers and leak resistant food packaging are just a few that immediately pop to mind. Today though I’d like to tell you about a particularly daunting problem that was presented to us by a very good customer who specializes in Mexican foods. Their business model included both dine in and take out customers. As their take out business grew, they recognized the need for a special kind of packaging that would allow them to include their very popular taco salad menu item as a to go option. Anyone who has ever ordered a taco salad knows, the shell is brittle and can easily break. The customer was already using our LAM09 plate as their base but needed something to protect the shell. Long story short, we developed a high dome, very steep walled lid that worked perfectly.

If that looks like something you’d like to try, just contact us and ask about our 93888 lid with a LAM09 plate.

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2 thoughts on “Food Packaging Solutions: Taco Salad Containers

  1. Please send me samples of the taco salad container 93888
    Gators pub
    C/o ken orabona
    21 pleasant view ave
    Greenville ri 02828

    1. Ken,
      Obtaining samples is very easy. Just click here , fill out your detail and choose the 93888 in the item drop down box. We generally get samples out the same day.

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