Tamper Evident Food Packaging

Have you ever spent your hard earned money on the latest gizmo, gadget or widget only to realize that the gizmo, gadget or widget you have been using for years is just as good or in some cases, better? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased things in the past that I thought would work better, fit better, look better or just plain be better, only to be disappointed. Now to be fair, some of that could be attributed to the fact that I’m a poor shopper to begin with, which probably explains why I have so many pairs of shoes that don’t fit or how the people at the returns desk of our local retail shops are on a first name basis with my wife. But, that does not always apply. Many times the latest item is not really all that it’s cracked up to be.

I think that is definitely the case with the so called tamper evident packaging that has flooded the food packaging marketplace. So many designs that, in the end, really do not provide a true tamper evident solution. What they do provide is a more expensive package. Some are overly complicated, some require special equipment to use and some end up with extra pieces to be thrown away. I think sometimes companies are in such a rush to design a better mouse trap when all the time the solution is sitting right in front of them.

Take for example, our Hinged Deli Containers. Unquestionably they are the best selling line of clear hinged containers on the market today. Our sales continue to grow even with all these competitive, complicated contraptions entering the market. How is this possible? Easy, we in conjunction with our customers, have simply reviewed the current AD Deli line and how they are used. In every case, our customers place labels on the container. One for nutritional values and the other usually containing their brand message. So the suggestion was derived that the label become the tamper evident mechanism. Labels must be used anyway for retail shelf applications, so why not let them serve two functions? Makes total sense doesn’t it? Why pay more for overpriced, complicated designs, when you can continue using the packaging that has worked so well for so long? Our customers have embraced the solution and are enjoying the savings of not needing switch out their lines for something that doesn’t really work anyway.

If you are not using our Hinged Deli Containers and want to, just let us know.  We’ll be glad to count you as one of our most valued customers!