Soggy Fries

One of the highlights of my day, like many working Americans, is lunch time. It’s that perfectly timed break to relax, recharge and refill your engine. Nothing deflates my euphoria though like getting soggy fries, rubbery chicken wings and mushy burger buns. This happens when my delicious meal to go is provided in a container that is not properly vented. The hot food creates steam which rises. When that steam hits the cooler ceiling of the container it condenses and falls back down on my food like a spring rain shower. Luckily that does not happen any more where I go to lunch. Mainly because I work for a food packaging company that has the solution to such a problem, which I conveniently shared with my favorite shop and will now share with you. Vented containers. It pretty simple really. Genpak developed the first vented food container many years back and have made many upgrades since then. Our containers allow steam to escape, even when multiple containers are stacked. Check out this video demonstration showing how it works.

Pretty telling isn’t it? If you want to learn a little more about our vented containers or maybe get a free sample to try it for yourself. Just follow this link and become a believer!