Why Vented Food Packaging Matters

Vented vs nonvented takeout containers

Nothing spoils a good takeout meal quite like wilted and soggy food. That’s why, many years ago, Genpak developed the first vented food service container. Vented food service packaging helps restaurants ensure quality meals are delivered to consumers just as they leave the restaurant kitchen. At Genpak, we’ve made many packaging upgrades to provide restaurants with reliable off-premises packaging that delivers top-notch meals to customers.

Let’s explore the benefits of vented food service packaging, like our Clover and ProView™ lines, and how vented containers preserve meal integrity.

What Are Vented Takeout Containers?

Simply put, vented containers are typical food service packaging with one major difference: they have holes in the lids to help steam escape. However, not all vented takeout containers are created equal. Let’s review two main qualities in our Clover and ProView™ containers that set Genpak’s venting technology apart:

Permanent Venting vs Optional Venting

Traditionally, vented takeout containers contain permanent holes in the lids. Optional vented takeout containers feature perforated tabs you can push down for ventilation. This versatility allows you to utilize food service containers for meals that don’t require venting, allowing you to partially vent containers.

Venting While Stacked

Many takeout and delivery orders contain more than one item, resulting in container stacking. For optimal meal quality, vents must remain intact, ensuring that steam can flow out of the packaging. The vents in our hinged containers are engineered to remain activated when stacked, helping to ensure positive customer experiences.

Why Does Venting Work So Well?

Generally, the number one enemy of fried and grilled takeout meals is moisture. Condensation forms when hot meals are packaged into completely closed containers. This condensation then collects and drips onto food, making it soggy.

Genpak’s superior venting technology allows steam to escape the container, preventing condensation from forming. Our containers serve as a reliable packaging asset to food service establishments. During meal transport from the restaurant to the consumer’s home, meals remain intact with the taste and texture the restaurant intended.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vented Takeout Containers?

Considering using vented takeout containers for your restaurant? Here are the major benefits you’ll get by utilizing vented containers like our Clover and ProView™ containers:

Preserves Meal Integrity

Genpak containers are engineered to preserve the temperature and texture of meals. This is extremely important for off-premises dining operations. Genpak containers help ensure positive customer experiences and elevated takeout and delivery operations, whether fried chicken, steak, pasta, or popular appetizers.

Vent Only Where Needed

Optional venting allows you to vent certain areas of your container, like the compartment holding fries, allowing the rest of the entree to remain unvented.

Great for Reheating

Vents aren’t just great for takeout, they also help reheat leftovers! Because our containers are microwave safe, customers can reheat their leftovers right in the container. The vents allow steam to release in the microwave without expelling all of the moisture from the food.

Learn More About Our Vented Takeout Containers!

At Genpak, we take pride in continuing to offer vented food packaging options for restaurants and eateries. If you have questions regarding food venting technology or would like a free sample, contact us today.