How to Make Your Food Pop in Takeout Containers

Genpak Proview Containers

Meal presentation is key regarding off-premises dining as consumers now expect takeout and delivery orders to replicate in-house dining. Since the pandemic, takeout delivery orders are now an active part of the consumer lifestyle. However, the question remains: how do restaurants ensure customers receive restaurant-quality meal presentation at home?

The truth is, overall off-premises meal presentation is largely dependent on the actual takeout container. The wrong food service packaging can result in soggy food and/or disheveled looking meals. In other words, takeout containers can make or break your customer’s experience with your food. More importantly, customers associate unpleasant food service packaging experiences with your restaurant.  Below, we review some key factors to look for in food service containers to enhance food presentation.

Food Presentation Tips for Take Out: Choosing the Best Food Service Packaging for Your Business

When choosing a take out container that will enhance your food’s presentation, consider the optimal packaging feature below:

Vented Lid

Lid vents are essential as they help protect meal temperature, texture and overall integrity.  This is key for restaurants that serve grilled or fried food.  Optional lid vents allow closure when the vent is not needed. Check out our Clover and ProView product lines to view durable containers with optional vents.

Durability/Travels Well

The road to a consumer’s home from a restaurant can be daunting. For instance, Speed bumps and harsh breaking can turn a great meal into an unintended mess. When selecting a food service container, consider durable containers designed with durability in mind. Genpak’s Clover, ProView, and renewable Harvest Fiber lines contain features that are specifically engineered to travel well and help restaurants produce positive customer experiences.

Leak Resistance

Spills in takeout bags due to container leaks can completely ruin a customer’s off-premises dining experience. A packaging innovator, Genpak helps alleviate this issue as nearly all of our food delivery packaging is leak-resistant.

Additional features to consider:

Transparent Lid

First impressions begin before your customer removes the lid or opens a container. Containers with transparent lids give customers superior product visualization, heightening the overall experience by allowing customers to view the delicious food inside! Also, transparent lids enhance takeout and delivery operations as restaurant staff can easily view the accuracy of meals and make necessary changes.

Separation Walls

If your sides and mains are in the same container, keeping foods from sliding around during transport is essential, so that once the customer finally lifts the lid, they’re not met with a messy meal. A closed-off compartment food container provides separate compartments for sides and mains, so foods don’t merge during travel.

Achieve Restaurant Quality Presentation with Genpak Containers

For more information on enhancing your restaurant’s meal presentation in food service packaging, contact Genpak today. Our representatives would be happy to help you select the right packaging that fits your business.