How to Make Your Food Pop in Takeout Containers

Genpak Proview Containers

As the old adage goes, you eat with your eyes first. With take out and food delivery on the rise, more and more meals are being consumed away from restaurants and at home. So how do you ensure customers achieve restaurant quality presentation at home?

The truth is, food presentation for takeout is largely dependent on your takeout container. The wrong takeout container can make your food soggy and messy-looking. In other words, your takeout container can make or break your customer’s experience with your food. Below, we review some key factors to look for in takeout containers to enhance food presentation.

Food Presentation Tips for Take Out: What to Look For in Take Out Containers

When choosing a take out container that will enhance your food’s presentation, be on the lookout for these four features:

Transparent Lid

First impressions start even before your customer takes off the lid! Rather than a solid or translucent lid, a transparent lid allows the customer superior product visualization so customers get a richer experience by being able to see the delicious food inside!

Lid Vents

It’s no good having a transparent lid if food visibility is obscured with condensation that collects on the inside of the lid. Lid vents are essential to ensure your lid stays crystal clear for maximum visibility and prevents your food from getting soggy, especially if you are serving grilled or fried food.

A Black Base

A black base is the perfect backdrop for showing off everything from salad to burgers to sushi to dessert. Why? Black makes food colors pop, enhancing product visualization, as well as giving the container a sleek, premium feel.

Separation Walls

If your sides and mains are in the same container, keeping foods from sliding around during transport is essential, so that once the customer finally lifts the lid, they’re not met with a messy meal. A closed-off compartment food container provides separate compartments for sides and mains, so foods don’t merge during travel.

Achieve Restaurant Quality Presentation with ProView

Our ProView containers combine these four presentation features into one convenient packaging solution. With crystal clear transparent lids, optional lid vents, a sleek black base, and closed-off compartment options, you can ensure restaurant quality presentation from kitchen to home. 

For more information on the ProView product line, check out our ProView Hinged Container product page!