Tips from Cheryl

Cheryl Firmin
Cheryl Firmin

1. There are many opportunities right within our markets to help you be successful. You can always expand upon popular symbols and logos conducive to your geographic area. The “Fleur Di Lis” embossed 9×9 sesame in the New Orleans market supports many of the aspects that make up this great city.

2. Out of all the food packaging companies that exist, Genpak has been known to be the most creative with new food service packaging ideas. Check out our new S4 Dinnerware and Smart Set Pro microwave safe packaging line ups for less expensive ways to upgrade your food packaging needs.

3. Gumbo is a Louisiana favorite. Our 24 ounce and 32 ounce white foam Utility Bowls along with the corresponding lid is a favorite with many local restaurants for a perfect Gumbo to go packaging solution.

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