Zero Food Migration Packaging

I don’t know about you, but my kids absolutely can’t stand it when their food items touch one another.  From their reaction, you would think that when green beans touch mashed potatoes, it would create a dangerous compound that if weaponized would end all of mankind instantly. This food touching issue bothers them so much that they take one food item at a time during dinner at home. They’d rather have something that has cooled way down versus a bean that God forbid, has touched the applesauce. I’m not sure what has caused this extreme hatred of food touching, but it’s a real thing. It’s not just kids either. I know plenty of adults who feel the same way. Probably with good reason. I mean look at this slop that I’m sure once passed for a really nice meal. Unappetizing to say the least.

As you may have guessed, Genpak has a solution to this very real problem. No more will your celery sticks be bathed in chicken wing juice, no more will the green beans be co-mingling with the applesauce and no more will anything be touching that extra condiment cup. The 203CO solves all those issues. Its unique, one of a kind design completely closes off each compartment ensuring your three course meal will not end up a stew. For the skeptics out there, we’ve prepared this very brief video demonstrating the awesome benefit the 203CO will provide!

If you like what you see and want to talk with one of our friendly sales professionals, just send us a note and we’ll get right on it.

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