Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

As sort of a continuation from our Food Packaging Goes Hollywood post, I thought it would be good to show a product line in use that often times is not associated with Genpak. You see, many people know us as the “foam hinged” company. While it is true we make the absolute best hinged products on the market today, foam or otherwise, we also have a very deep selection of products that are not just hinged.

Cups used at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating ContestCups being one of those categories.  As you can see from this photo from the recent Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, the athletes are hard at it with  42 ounces of refreshing beverage in decorated Genpak cups, just waiting to wash down the dogs.  Maybe not a glamorous as being seen on the big screen or in a television  series, but worthy of recognition nonetheless.

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