Food Packaging for Subs

A quick search of the data base from our friends at Technomics shows that, of the top 10 selling sandwich shops, 3 of them actually have the word “sub” somewhere in their name and 8 of them specialize in making subs. I’ll include a Philly Cheese Stake in that category. Switching the search criteria to show the fastest growing sandwich shops, has similar results. 4 of the top 5 fastest sub and hoagie containers - 26600growing concepts specialize in making subs.

That probably does not come as a surprise to most people. We all have our favorite type made at our favorite shop. Be it one of these fast emerging chains or your locally owned sub shop, nothing fills the void like a freshly made hoagie. What may surprise you though is the packaging options for these large sandwiches is somewhat limited…by our competitors. At Genpak we have recognized the need for options as not all hoagies are made alike. While the others offer two or maybe three options, we offer up to fifteen different configurations that could comfortably hug your hoagie. And that’s just counting up our hinged options. If you consider two piece packaging, that number jumps.

Not only do we offer a wide rage of sizes, we offer them across three different substrates. From traditional to hybrid to compostable materials, we are sure to have the size and type of packaging you need.

If you are not sure which container would work best or need help sorting through all of our options, just drop us a line and one of our friendly packaging pros will help you sort it out and even get you free samples to test.

It is our commitment to become Your Food Packaging Company!

Your Food Packaging Company

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