Clear Food Packaging

Often times our customers will call us and ask about what trends or shifts in packaging we see happening. These are calls we love to receive because it tells us our customers look to Genpak as their food packaging experts. One shift I’d like to share with you today is the increase in clear hinged packaging. I say shift because this is past the point of a trend curve. Today’s consumer demands transparency in every aspect of the purchase cycle from wanting to know if the food ingredients were locally sourced to the social responsibility of the organizations they patronize. Actually seeing the products they are purchasing is paramount as well. The days of placing food…especially fresh food, in packaging that obstructs or completely blocks the consumers view of what is inside is no longer acceptable. Rightfully so. People want to see what they are purchasing.

clear food packagingThis would explain the consistent growth we have seen in our clear food packaging sales. Customers who utilize our Clear Hinged Deli, Clear Hinged Food Containers, Supermarket Containers, Serving Bowls, Bakery Containers as well as our clear Microwave Safe offerings have enjoyed the benefit of a super clear package that offers excellent product visualization. These containers are often used in the perimeter sections of supermarkets where deli, bakery, produce and fresh foods are found. Cut fruits, candy, nuts, salads, dips & spreads all merchandise wonderfully in these types of clear food packaging. And the benefit of the consumer being able to clearly see the food item has proven to increase sales and promote repeat sales.

If clear food packaging has been something you’ve been thinking about, I urge you to take the next step and start researching what might make sense for your application. The fact that you are on our web site is a great start. Follow the links above and review all that Genpak has to offer. If you see something you like, order some Samples and test them out. As always, you can simply ask us for help and we’ll be glad to assist you. After all, our goal is to be Your Food Packaging Company.

Your Food Packaging Company

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