What Consumers are Craving More Than Traditional Meals

Snacks are probably taking over your dinner table as “the greatest Modern American pastime”, since “19% of all foodservice occasions in 2016 were snacks,” according to Nation’s Restaurant News. This occasion has opened the door to new bite-size options that are more diverse, more convenient, and even more difficult to turn down. Snacking has grown to be unconventional and it greatly impacts consumer consumption trends. So, what was once perceived as an occasion that would “ruin your appetite” right before a meal is now enjoyed as a meal substitute for any time of the day…or night.

Consumers are shifting away from large traditional meals and are focused on new food concepts that can be easily transported, easily consumed, and even shared with friends. This demand amplifies the importance of the grab n’ go growth packaging segment, as consumption behavior is now influenced by snacking styles that support convenience.

Genpak’s convenient packaging enables portability and easy preparation & consumption.

No matter the snack, there is great synergy between Genpak’s food containers and your favorite snack items. Our packaging solutions are designed to accommodate today’s prevalent snacking occasion, whether it’s for a c-store, supermarket, airport, or restaurant establishment. By using the containers below, you’ll gain a Genpak advantage that differentiates from our competitors:

Clear Hinged Food Containers

Our clear hinged containers are perfect for savory, natural snacks, cookies, cakes, pastries, confectionery items, and much more. This product line offers convenience and allows for variety. They also have a secured button lock closure to keep snacks from spilling. Offered in sizes 8 oz. to 64 oz.

hinged food containers with a variety of food enclosed

Two Piece Supermarket Containers

Like the clear hinged foodservice containers, this product is also perfect for savory, natural snacks, dips & spreads, cookies, cakes, pastries, confectionery items, etc. Round shape can fit in cup holders. These containers are offered in sizes 10 oz. to 32 oz.

2 piece supermarket containers with a variety of food enclosed

Crystal Choice

Crystal Choice is a collection of clear cups that are perfect for any snacking occasion. Can be used for pretzels, yogurt, chips, salads, drinks, etc. It can be used in three pieces (the large cup for the main snack portion, and the smaller cup that fits inside and used for any (condiments, toppings, or sides). Offered in sizes 9 oz. to 24 oz., and can be paired with dome or flat lids.

plastic cups with lids, containing food and drink

As a forerunner in manufacturing premium quality, single-use food service packaging products, we ensure top quality grab-n-go packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly. To request samples of any of the product lines perfect for snacks, click here.