Packaging News

Big companies think big when it comes to green packaging.

Packaging is more than just a means of transporting an item.

Styrofoam the great evil! Are you scared now? Don’t be. This article is a perfect example of someone who writes as if they have researched a topic, but in fact have done little to no research at all. Nearly all of the “facts” this person sites are completely inaccurate, misleading and contradictory to proven science. I love the comments at the end by folks who are in the know.

Packaging can influence buying decisions across all markets. Carrots in vending machines? Brilliant!

Food service packaging plays a critical role in the success or lack thereof in many food operations. It can no longer be looked at as an after thought, but rather part of the solutions to achieve business success.

Considerations that should be mulled over when contemplating new food packaging options.

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