No More Toys?

I don’t know if you’ve been following this, but those in the government who believe it’s their job to save us from ourselves are at it once again. This time in San Francisco where the Board of Supervisors have decided they know how to once and for all, cure childhood obesity. Think of it. A world where our young people grow up fit and trim with nary a love handle, extra roll or muffin top to be found. A world where kids will grow up not needing an oxygen mask to run from home plate to first base and where there will no longer be a need for that embarrassing walk into the “husky” section for a pair of pants. What is the answer you ask? What could these all knowing politicians have possibly dreamed up with to rid us of this problem. I’ll tell you. It is to BAN TOYS FROM ALL KIDS MEALS!

Yes of course! Why didn’t we think of this before?  Ban all toys from kids meals. Totally genius! Brilliant beyond what words can properly describe. The connection is obvious. Kids toys…childhood obesity. It’s plain as day. For crying out loud it was right in front of us all this time. Makes perfect sense.

Are you kidding me? Just when I thought our elected officials couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre. What good could possibly come from this? Do the city leaders out there honestly believe that depriving some little 3 year old kid from their Luke Skywalker action figure is going to make them less likely to become obese? It has to be one of the stupidest propositions I’ve ever heard of. What study or research do you think they referenced to come up with this doozy? Maybe it was the “Small Plastic Toy Clearly Leads To Childhood Obesity” paper. I don’t know the names of any of the Board members out there but I think one of them must definitely looks like this.

Burgermeister Meisterburger

I’ll bet they start every meeting by singing this. “It’s a difficult responsibility, that you accept from the number one law maker me! Have it known throughout the land from sea to sea.  There’ll be no more toy makers to the king!”

When will our elected leaders realize that it’s the choices people make in life that lead to how we turn out? If I’m over-weight I’m not going to blame some company for offering a high calorie meal. Nobody made me eat it. I chose to eat it. The argument of “well that’s all some people can afford” doesn’t fly either. Just the other night I bought fast food from a quick serve restaurant for two. It cost me nearly $18. I guarantee I could have made a lower calorie, healthier meal for two for less than that.

Our elected officials need to move away from this theory that bans can cure all the vices in the world. What’s next? Ban TV from all households with children under the age of 13? After all a sedentary lifestyle leads to increased weight gain. Instead of banning toys from kids meals, perhaps fund new community playground or offer a sales tax free day for bicycles. Offer something constructive and positive. Banning toys from kids meals. Gimme a break.

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2 thoughts on “No More Toys?

  1. “If I’m over-weight I’m not going to blame some company for offering a high calorie meal. Nobody made me eat it .”

    Ahem…someone did sue a Mcdonalds because while he was working there he gained 65lbs because he flet it was his job to taste test the food. he won!

    “The 32-year-old man, whose identity wasn’t disclosed, complained that the company’s policy of mandatory food sampling caused him to balloon from about 155 lbs. to 231 lbs. while working at their restaurant in southern Brazil. […]”

    And they didn’t band the toys completely they just have to choose better sides, (less than 600 calories total meal) to get the toy!

    “The new law, which goes into effect December, 2011, would only allow toys to be given away with “healthy” children’s meals. That’s defined as a meal under 600 calories that includes fruits and vegetables but not a beverage with excess sugar (such as a soda).

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