Food Packaging Industry News: Food Costs, Green Options And More

As a new feature to the Genpak blog, we’ve decided to publish links to various newsworthy stories within (and sometimes outside) the food packaging industry. So turn your Google Alerts off and rely on us to filter through all the nonsense and bring you articles worth reading.

Food costs are on the rise. Higher commodity prices are driving food costs up. Shoot, just fill your car up and you can see what’s causing much of this increase.

Mobil food trucks serve up flexibility. I call this good old fashion American ingenuity. It’s what makes this the greatest nation on earth. The ability to adapt.

More “green” options will continue to emerge as companies work to not only improve what is available now, but push the envelope on new substrates. Now if we can just make them economical.

McDonald’s offers a healthy food option in their Happy Meals. Pressure from various groups have pushed this cause. I’ve posted before that the government should not be telling us what we can and can’t eat via ridiculous bans of various forms, but I think McDonald’s is doing the right thing by offering choices. It’s the food choices we must all make that determines our weight.