Food Packaging News: Sustainability And Packaging Bans

The city leaders of Hermosa Beach, CA have voted to increase the cost of doing business on already struggling restaurant and grocery store operations in their community. They have done so by instituting a governmental ban on polystyrene food packaging. Now these businesses will be forced by the government, to source alternative packaging solutions that could be as much as 3 times as expensive as their current choice. As I’ve said a hundred times before, if food operators choose to go the route of compostable food packaging, we support that 100%. In fact our line of Harvest Fiber products would fit that need. What we oppose is the local government forcing companies who may not be ready to handle such a transition, to do so. All this ban will do is replace one type of litter for another, put undo pressure on already hurting businesses and outsource jobs to China. Yes, most polystyrene foam food service products are produced right here in the U.S., while nearly all compostable packaging comes from China.

Edible food packaging. Sounds like something right out of Willy Wonka. Wonder what the nutritional value is?

Is sustainable packaging starting to catch on? This particular article indicates sustainability plays a major roll in consumers minds when making purchases. We have an active survey on our website right now asking what is most important when purchasing food packaging. Pop over and submit your answer to see the current results.

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  1. There are some cities where food containers from food trucks are starting to become an issue because of proposed regulations. Maybe biodegradable packaging is the solution that could be a happy solution for everyone.

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