Food Packaging News: Canned Foods, Smart Local Communities And More

Another community attempting to ban one type of litter for another. Say hello to higher restaurant bills and colder food when you get it home.

Canned food benefits. I wonder what makes some canned foods more nutritious than their fresh or frozen counterpart? Bullet point 2 in this article.

The right packaging design can mean the difference between a sale and not.

Hermosa Beach city council just voted to raise the average price of a restaurant meal and/or squeeze already struggling businesses out of existence. Why? To trade one kind of litter for another. Makes perfect sense to me.

Markham is a community with leaders who have some foresight. They don’t ban their way through issues, they find workable solutions. Bravo! The city leaders of Hermosa Beach should take a page from Markham’s playbook.

Bring your own dishes? I applaud all those who try to do more with less. We practice that every day in our business, but this person’s arguments are not well thought out. They probably did not consider that for the convention center in question to actually use china dishes instead of single-use products, they actually used far more natural resources than the alternative. Those dishes don’t wash themselves. Thousands of gallons of water, huge amounts of electricity (usually from coal power) to run the industrial washers, not to mention all the heavy chemicals it takes to actually clean those permanent plates. There’s no easy answer but I’ll bet a paycheck none of these people even considered this. Also, the practice of giving restaurants your own dishes from home to put food in is extremely unsafe. Sure, you know your dishes are clean, but what about the next guy that brings his home dishes in for the restaurant owner to bring to the back of the house for filling? I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much more secure in the cleanliness of single-use products touching all those cooking and preparation surfaces than some other guys dishes off the street. No thanks! And by the way, #6 polystyrene is NOT toxic. Get your facts straight next time.

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