Food Packaging News: Antimicrobial Packaging, Local Government And More

Your old buddy Ken will be on vacation next week, but rest assured, he’ll be back the following week to keep you informed and entertained.

Packaging that extends food shelf life. Now that makes sense. Food spoilage/waste is a major contributor to the solid waste stream.

Sacramento legislature mulls over a bill that would most certainly kill jobs, stagnate local eatery businesses and drive up consumer prices. If you oppose this, email Alan Lowenthal who is the author of this job killing bill and tell him so. Instead tell him to support increased trash collection and to clamp down on litter bugs.

Salinas City Council has just passed a job killing bill that will do nothing more than put pressure on already strained local restaurant owners trying to make a living. Congratulations to all the council members for their incredible short sighted and misguided views. What better way to drive tourists and visitors away from a community than to make it more expensive to dine out. Why don’t these legislators listen to businesses? Beats me.

Food packaging helps reduce the massive food waste issue. Here’s what the people on the Salinas council don’t want you to know.