Food Packaging News: Restaurant Chains, City Regulations

  • The city of Yonkers will begin collection of #6 polystyrene for recycling! Great news and way to go city leaders of Yonkers. Finally a group of leaders who solve issues by creating jobs & commerce instead of banning what they don’t understand.
  • Is McDonald’s beef real? Any pink slime, eyeballs or lips added?  Watch this video to see the truth. (I’m off for a QPWC)
  • Taco Bell goes mobile with a new app allowing customers to order from their mobile devices and skip the lines to pick up their order.
  • Want to reduce greenhouse gases? Use plastic instead of glass. A study by Franklin & Associates may surprise you about the real story.
  • SKU rationalization and reduction is a hot topic. Restaurant operators look to do more with less.  An excellent way to achieve this is with a hinged container that eliminates the need for side portion cups!