Food Packaging Industry News

More food packaging news worth a look…

  • Consumers seem more in tune on the types of packaging used these days. So much so it can sway their decision to buy a product or not. For me it’s reusable & microwave safe packaging that can push me over the edge to purchase.
  • Okay so this one about renaming fish really doesn’t have anything to do with food packaging, but the marketing guy inside me liked this enough to post.
  • Beer, wine or liquor? Some interesting statistics on what people choose to drink, for those that chose to drink.
  • The FDA has now defined what can be called gluten free. One thing is for sure…Genpak products are 100% gluten free!
  • Food trucks at airports? Interesting concept. I wonder if it’ll take off? Okay that was bad but it made me chuckle.
  • Take home catering can offer a great revenue stream. I like this article because we offer a full range of food packaging perfect for this type of application.
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