Food Packaging Ban is Defeated in California

Good news! The short-sighted state wide foam food packaging ban (SB568) was defeated. It would have resulted in:

  • increased menu prices
  • stagnating new hiring at foodservice operations
  • increasing grocery prices
  • the loss of hundreds of manufacturing jobs both in CA and other states
  • increased consumption of imported goods from China
  • traded one kind of litter for another

The vote was 23 – 41 with 16 abstentions. I always find it interesting when politicians abstain from voting. After all, isn’t that why they are there in the first place? To cast the ballot that their constitutions want? No doubt by abstaining they can save face with their districts and say they did not vote in favor of that job killing bill. Hats off to all those who made their voices heard!

One thought on “Food Packaging Ban is Defeated in California

  1. I’ve read a few articles on this subject and I’m happy it didn’t go through, but can anyone tell me why he wanted to ban polystyrene; what did he claim the benefits of this were?

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