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  • I guess it’s true what they say. There is an app for everything. This one is for help sorting PET recycling containers.
  • Top food trends for next year. Interesting on the seaweed part.
  • The city of Montreal will expand their foamed polystyrene recycling efforts. Hats off to our neighbors to the North!
  • Chili’s to offer delivery service for their food. I would think this is something that will continue to spread with certain restaurant chains. It’s all about convenience and it’s not bad for food packaging companies like us as well who produce the items that would be used package the food.
  • Intelligent food packaging will be the way of the future. I really like the idea of the packaging itself being able to tell the consumer if the food is fresh or not.
  • Another short sighted bill by a short sighted local government that will hurt area food vendors/restaurants and make it harder for them to survive. The mayor there states the products can’t be recycled. I did a 20 second Google search and found two facilities that accept EPS foam plus another dozen that accepts EPS foam loose fill. Guess it would be too hard to strike a deal with any number of these facilities regarding a recycling program. Yeah it is just so much easier to ban stuff. They should take a lesson from the folks up on Montreal who work to a solution instead of banning products.
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