Foam Food Packaging Gets A Win

Despite what this person writes in this article for the Huff & Puff Post, Congress has made the right choice. What this author fails to mention is all the alternatives they would so gladly replace foam food packaging for, is made in China.  How typical of the stone throwers. Ban or make illegal what you do not understand or that which does not fit into their agenda. The facts are:

  • Foam food packaging has been used safely for over 45 years.
  • Foam food packaging is still the most economical choice of any material out there.
  • Alternatives or biodegradables disposed of in a landfill will not “go away” in our life time.
  • Alternatives or biodegradables littered into the environment will not magically go away. In communities that have banned foam, studies done afterwords show the amount of litter had not decreased, but rather only the type of litter changed.

As I’ve said many times in this blog, if consumers want to switch away from foam, then so be it. That’s how supply and demand works. In fact we offer a whole host of alternative packaging options. But let the consumer make that decision instead of forcing a change down their throats with legislation and fear mongering.

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