High Quality Food Catering Supplies

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For caterers, restaurants and others who regularly serve food outside of their own establishment, Genpak is the perfect resource for all your catering supplies. With a variety of innovative food containers, dinnerware and trays, we have a wide selection of food transporting and serving products for you to choose from.

Catering Plates and Bowls

As one of the basics when it comes to catering supplies, plates and bowls can sometimes seem pretty mundane. But not at Genpak. We have a large selection of plates and bowls for you to choose from. This includes black plastic, white plastic, black foam and white foam options. Select the look and style that fits seamlessly with the event you are catering, or the image you want your business to portray. Many of our catering bowls and plates are sized perfectly to snap to our plastic lids, keeping your food safe and secure while you transport it or wait to serve your customers.

Catering Cups

Whether serving soda, juice or water, guests will need something to hold their drinks. That's why we have a variety of plastic drinking cups to choose from. Our sizes range from 3 ounces to 42 ounces.

And our cups aren't just for drinks. Our clear cups work great to show off easy to carry salads and parfaits. Anything that has a few layers or multiple ingredients is sure to look appetizing in one of our cups.

Catering Containers

Our hinged containers are a must for caterers. They provide a secure transport container if you are making individual meals ahead of time. And they also make nice to go containers for guests at your events. And both our foam and plastic containers are sturdy enough to hold up to the sauces, dressings and toppings that make your food so delicious.

Catering Food Trays

For buffet style events, an easy way for guests to make their plates is with a compartmented food tray. We have 5 compartment trays that have a large section for the main course and then smaller compartments for the sides.

Even More Catering Supplies

And that's not all. We also have cutlery, portion cups and other supplies to go along with the plates, bowls and cups that make preparing and serving your customers easier. Start learning more about what we have to offer by using the search box above or the 'Products' drop down menu. If you have any questions as you look over our catering supplies, please call us at 800-626-6695 or send us a note. We look forward to helping your food related business succeed.

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