White 8" x 8" Three-Compartment Snap It Lock Hinged Square Container

Whether it's for a takeout meal or a doggie bag, having multiple compartments in the food container can be very helpful. Here is the 3 compartment foam container that is perfect for meals that include a main entree and sides that could possibly spill onto the main course. This style is available in black, white and white vented. Be sure to check out all our foam hinged carryout containers as you place your order.

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Item Number: SN243
Item Dimension: 8.25 x 8.00 x 3.00
Material: Foam
Color: White
SCC: 10020648112436
Case Count: 200
Sleeve Count: 2/100
Case Weight: 8.000 lbs
Case Dimension: 20.625" x 17.125" x 17.750"
Case Cube: 3.630 ft3
UPC: 002064811240
Ti/Hi: 6/6