Tips from Allan

1.  Genpak AD Deli containers can be used for almost any application. I once had the maintenance department of a nursing home use our deli containers to store screws, nails and drill bits. We’ve also had businesses use them for plastic worms used for fishing lures.

2.  I have a Cuban bakery using our AD04 & AD06 deli containers for single serve size flan (creme caramel) desserts.

3.  Another use for our 21100 hot dog container is that it can be used with ice cream for banana splits.

2 thoughts on “Tips from Allan

  1. While I guess you’d prefer the containers be used for their intended purpose, I spend time in a machine shop that also stores its small nuts and bolts using deli containers. Maybe we’re cheap? Or it may be an emerging new business for Genpak!

    Good luck.

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