Food Packaging And Container Needs For Fine Dining Restaurant

Thinking about starting a fine dining restaurant? Or maybe you just opened the doors on your new establishment? Whatever stage your business plan is in, you may have a mindset that paper, plastic and foam food containers are not part of your future. If this is the case, take a few moments to realize that it may be time to revisit your restaurant plan.

Paper. Plastic. Foam. These are not words normally associated with a fine dining restaurant. When we hear fine dining, with think of white table cloths, low lights, soft music (possibly even live music), fine china dinnerware and a great meal. In none of that is there any paper, plastic or foam.

But even though they are not a main part of this restaurant type, they definitely have a place in its world. Don’t believe it? Read some of the great uses of paper, foam and plastic containers in a fine dining restaurant and you’re sure to find one (or more) that you can use:

  • Carryout / Doggie Bag. We know your meals are delicious. But every so often some guests will not be able to eat every single bite. For this you will need some form of food container. It does not make sense to use tupperware, as you would rarely, if ever, get it back. But high quality foam and plastic containers can look great and keep the food fresh and secure so your guests will enjoy the meal a second time.
  • Possibility of Takeout Service. Even though takeout is not a mainstay for fine dining restaurants, and even though you may be against the idea right now, there may be a special client or two who you will bend over backwards for. And if they request takeout at some point in time, you will want to make them happy. For this, having takeout containers to use for their food easily available will make life much easier.
  • Storage. Securely sealed plastic food containers offer a great and inexpensive way to store ingredients and food. And many of the newer containers are microwaveable, so they can be put right in the microwave to warm food up.
  • Branding Opportunity. Want to set yourself apart from the competition? Branding some bags or food packaging can help accomplish this. If you have a superior dessert menu, offering free tastes (maybe small cake bites or cookies) in a branded bag would delight customers and be very memorable.

Paper, plastic and foam are not usually what come to mind when talking about high end restaurants. It’s not the core of the experience of eating a delicious meal in a great atmosphere with impeccable service. But that does not mean they cannot be an important part of the experience. And being prepared for some of the unexpected requests will only enhance your restaurant’s image in the minds of your guests.

Have any other questions regarding packaging and containers for the food at your fine dining, or any other restaurant? Be sure to contact Genpak. We’re a leader in the food packaging industry, and look forward to helping you succeed.