Microwave Safe Food Packaging

The microwave oven has become a necessity in every kitchen. Try to go more than three days without microwaving something. Whether you are warming or actually cooking food items, the microwave is here to stay. When it comes to food packaging for the microwave, not all items are created equal and not all items are safe for the microwave. Foods can reach temperatures up to 210° F. Typically, #5 recycling polypropylene is the material of choice for this type of application. It can handle the high temperatures and may be formed into many different configurations and is curb FP348 food containerside recyclable. Genpak’s Smart Set Pro series of microwave safe food packaging is by far our most popular.  Benefits include:

  • Unique textured finish offer a cool-to-the-touch experience and allows us to use less virgin material without sacrificing any functionality!
  • Super clear, microwave safe lids allow for maximum food product visualization.
  • Rectangular sizes are also available in a clear material for excellent shelf merchandising.
  • Now customers may emboss their logo on right on the lid to enhance their branding message (minimums do apply).
  • Curb side recyclable.

According to our customers, expanding our microwave safe offering is second only to more compostable products. And as you may know, Genpak actually listens to its customers and acts upon FPR932S Displaythose suggestions. Today we are launching a new lid to the Smart Set Pro family of products. The FPR932S is a low profile, ultra clear lid that allows customers to display their food products at an angle while keep the contents secure. Check out this great grocery store display of these lids in action with the FPR024 base.

The lid is just the tip of the iceberg. You can expect more microwave safe product launches from us in the very near future.

To our current customers…thank you for the great suggestions and keep them coming. To those of you that may be new to Genpak, our goal is to be your food packaging company!

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