Genpak in 2015

Happy new year to all!  2014 was a good year for us here at Genpak and I think 2015 is shaping up to be even better.  We are working on lots of new things including products, web & social updates all designed to help our customers and partners become even more successful. Instead of looking back on what we did in 2014, I’d much rather look into the future on what’s in store for us all.  2015 will include Genpak introducing at least two completely new product lines. One will be using our unique textured polypropylene substrate that our customers love.  This will  be sort of the 2.0 version of our current Smart Set Pro line with a new, updated look and feel along with some very snazzy features that will all be standard.  To get a sneak peek of what these new items will look like, just click here.

The second line will feature a brand new variation of an existing type of substrate for Genpak. The products will be microwave safe and will be useful for many applications where product visualization is important. That’s about all I can tell you for now on this one.  Be sure to check back often and follow us Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for more updates.

We’ve also made some pretty nice improvements to our already great web pages. One I really like is our new Materials Page. Here you can get the lowdown on the different types of substrates we use and can also download more technical information if that is of interest to you. Also new in our Literature Page is a full online version of our Product Catalog. You can now flip through our entire selection on your computer or tablet. Or, if the mood strikes you, download the entire file for those times when you have no internet connection. For those of us who try to eliminate the bulk of carrying around paper flyers and catalogs…enjoy it! Lastly (for now) we have made every effort to make it extremely easy to get product answers quickly. Case and point is our new Ask A Question page where someone in our Marketing Team will respond to any question within a days time…usually within the hour. Also, our new online Chat feature allows folks to get answers immediately. Just look at the top of the page your on right now. If it’s during normal working hours you should see the Live Chat box.  Give it a try!

We’ll keep working to provide the absolute best products and services available.

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