Compostable Paper Products

As companies push the envelope to find new sustainable materials to utilize (including Genpak), we sometimes forget about upgrading and improving upon the traditional materials already in use.  Sometimes huge gains may be made with a little persistence and ingenuity.  Sure anybody can find the obvious avenues to decrease an environmental footprint like simply taking part weight out of their items.  But that doesn’t always translate into a good quality food packaging item that consumers demand.  What I’m talking about is taking an existing material and working with suppliers in tandem with our own manufacturing folks to produce an upgraded…new and improved if you will, substrate that provides an additional benefit…and here’s the best part, at absolutely no extra cost.  With that we are very pleased to announce that all of our paper cones, souffles and water cups are now compostable.

Believe it or not, not all paper products can be composted. In fact, most can’t. The main reason is, most food service paper products have some sort of coating on them that precludes compostability. Previously the wax we used to help our products hold water, would not break down in an industrial compost facility. But as mentioned earlier, a little leg work goes a long way. We overcame that hurdle with a different supply source that our production facilities could work with. In fact, we offer a compostable line of paper cones, portion and pleated water cups. The best part is, there is no need for the typical up charge that comes along with a compostable product.

This is actually the first public announcement regarding our Harvest Paper products. So you, my throngs and throngs of loyal blog readers are the first to learn of this new breakthrough.