Clear Plastic Food Packaging

rack of deli containersRecently the Wall Street Journal posted a story on how see through packaging boosted retail sales of food items. While this article mainly talked about packaging like chip, snack and power bar films, we have seen the same trend in solid, plastic food packaging as well. The demand for our Clear Hinged Deli containers has never been stronger. Customers & consumers alike love the crystal clarity these containers offer PLUS the added protection and shelf life a rigid hinged container offers. Another added benefit of these containers is they way they may be merchandised. Here’s a great example of our delis in action at Holly Land Bakery & Deli in Minneapolis, MN. They do a wonderful job of displaying the product inside and also offer a surface area for the nutritional label. In this instance the containers are being used for all sorts of confectionery delights. Our clear food packaging is not just for the bakery section though. They are also used to package dried fruit, nuts, cheese, deli meats, candy as well as cut fruit and cut vegetables as seen here. The broccoli and cauliflower really pop in a clear hinged container, don’t you think?

Another example of clear packaging making huge gains for real estate space on retail shelves is the explosion of hummus. Walk down any grocery store in American today and you will find a very large section set aside for hummus. Nearly all of the packaging used is a clear, round two piece container, we refer to as our Supermarket Containers. Produced from the same material as our clear hinge deli, these containers are all #1 curb side recyclable and are also produced with 30% post consumer recycled content. So not only do they perform wonderfully on the retail shelf displaying and protecting the food products within, they also have a very nice environmental message to tell as well. It’s a win win no matter how you slice it! Here we see that familiar red lid of the Sabra Hummus packaging. Delicious hummus in a very nice package that allows consumers a view of their favorite garnish option. I’m a roasted red pepper guy. What’s your favorite?

Fresh To Go Deli
Sabra hummus containers
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