Genpak Materials Temperature Guide

These guidelines are to assist you in the proper use of Genpak food containers. They are based upon testing and published data, and they are reliable in most applications.

However, because every food suppliers recipes, ingredients, processes and supply chains are unique, this information is not a substitute for product testing. Confirmation of product acceptability under your specific conditions must be done by you.

Temperature Guide

  • Molded Fiber : 33ºF – 210ºF
  • Polypropylene : 33ºF – 210ºF
  • Paperboard : 33ºF – 194ºF
  • Polystyrene : 33ºF – 150ºF
  • APET : 33ºF – 120ºF
  • Paper : 33ºF – 100ºF