Recycling Polystyrene

There is a belief by many out there that polystyrene and foamed polystyrene can’t be recycled. Just because a local municipality chooses not to pick up products that carry a chasing arrows #6 “recycle logo”, certainly does not mean that material can’t be successfully recycled and turned into useful products that re-enter the world of commerce. In fact there is a booming industry that employs many Americans to support this effort. This video at 10 minutes is a little long, but well worth viewing. It demonstrates the process from start to finish.


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2 thoughts on “Recycling Polystyrene

  1. Is this the end of the line? What happens to the picture frames when no longer wanted-needed? Can they be recycled again? How many times can this recycle be used.

  2. Plastics, like most other materials will loose some integrity with each trip through the recycling phase. I don’t have data on how many times but anytime anything is recycled, it saves raw materials.

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