Product Spotlight – March

March. Now here’s a green month if I ever saw one. Of course there is March Madness where I typically loose around 50 green backs in the office pool. St. Patrick’s Day is good for several pints of my favorite green lager. And let’s not forget that Dr. Seuss was born in the month of March. What’s green about that? Hello, Green Eggs and Ham! One other thing is that Uranus was discovered in March. No there’s nothing green about that. I just wanted to type Uranus (insert your own crude joke here).

Now that you are thinking green (those of you still on Uranus can come back to us now) let’s talk about our Deli containers. Crystal clear yes, but green none the less. I read somewhere that people like bullet points, so instead of a paragraph of info, here’s the bullet point version:

  • Made from APET which is #1 curbside recyclable
  • Made using up to 50% post consumer recycled content
  • And now is endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association

That’s right, our deli line is now endorsed by the GRA! If you know the GRA you’ll know they only endorse products that meet there very strictGRA Endorsed logo standards and guidelines. Restaurants and food service operator can earn up to two points from the GRA by utilizing our Hinged Deli Containers. This will get them two points closer to becoming a Certified Green Restaurant. Also, I’m happy to report that our Clear Hinged Deli food containers are the only clear hinged products that currently carry their endorsement.

The other great features of this line are:

  • Patented 360° seal
  • Patented hinged closure
  • Freezer safe
  • Works with automated fill & seal equipment

deli containersHeard enough? If not, just shoot us a note and ask for some samples so you may give it your own test. I’m confident you’ll like what you see.