What Are Our Harvest Fiber Containers Made From?

Sugar Cane Plant

If you’re looking for high quality compostable takeout containers or dine in products for your restaurant, Genpak has you covered.

Our Harvest Fiber containers are compostable dinnerware and hinged containers made from an annually renewable resource known as bagasse. But what exactly is bagasse and what are its benefits over other compostable materials? We break it down below!

What is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a dry pulpy fiber that is the byproduct of cane sugar production. Sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juices for the processing of crystallized cane sugar. What remains is a fibrous pulp, that once washed and dried, can be made into a number of things, like paper, livestock feed, biofuel, building materials, and in our case, food containers. 

Benefits of Using Bagasse

Why use containers made from bagasse over other compostable materials? Here are three reasons to consider:

It’s Production is Eco-Friendly

Not all containers made from natural materials are eco-friendly. Take food containers made from paper products, for instance. Trees can take several years to grow and mature long enough to be harvested for production. Sugar cane regenerates much faster than trees, so it is easier on the ecosystem as it uses less natural resources to grow and renew.

It’s Durable

When formed into molds, bagasse is strong and lightweight! 

It’s Annually Renewable

Bagasse is an annually renewable resource, which means it can be restored and replenished by nature within one year. Sugar cane regenerates in just one growing season!

Shop our Harvest Fiber Line Made From Bagasse

If you have not made the leap into foam alternative food packaging, our durable and environmentally-friendly bagasse compostable containers are a great start.

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