Plates And Bowls: Plastic, Foam, Compostable

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Secure Celebrity foam dinnerware
Foam dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
Find the Elite line of laminated foam dinnerware
Laminated foam dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
compostable dinnerware
Industrial compostable* plates, dinnerware and hinged containers.
Foam and laminated rice bowls
Foam & laminated foam serving bowls.
Crystal clear lids for plastic dinnerware items
Clear lids for carry out & display.
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Dinnerware for restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and more

If you have a food service application that requires a plate or bowl, we have the solution. No matter if your dinnerware needs include hot, warm, cold or frozen foods; include super jumbo serving sizes or portioned sizes; or require presentations with an elegant flare or an economy look, Genpak serving plates and bowls will fit the bill. Compostable, foam and plastic plates and bowls - Genpak has them all.

Genpak plates are far superior in their design, workmanship and quality to any other plate on the market today. Our selection includes everything from small 6 inch plastic plates to larger 10 1/4 inch round plates, along with matching bowls, trays and lids in great designs.

We also have the widest range of materials to choose from for our dinnerware. Foam, laminated foam, clear and black PET, both with post consumer recycled content along with our hybrid and compostable materials. And because we offer matching lids for all our bowls and many of our plates, there's no need to use separate ones for serving food and packing into to go containers.