Starting A Food Business? Follow These Basic Food Packaging Orders To Get You Started

So, you’ve mastered how to make the best chili in town. You’ve decided to take this talent and run with it and start your own food business. Congratulations! However, before you start your business it’s important not to overlook all the small things you need to purchase before you open your doors. One step that commonly gets overlooked is buying the correct food containers for your products.

Whether you’re starting up a cupcake business, stocking up your new coffee shop, cafe or catering services, it’s important that you invest in the correct food packaging. In this series, we’ll help you choose which and how much packaging is right for you. We’ll provide helpful tips on a regular basis not just for our veteran readers, but also for those who are just getting started in this market.

Deciding on what to order may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You may be wondering a number of questions. What size packaging should I buy? Which packaging will withstand my food? Should I use environmentally friendly packaging? From deli containers, foam containers, to disposable food containers, we’ll walk you through exactly what you will need.

We’ll start this new series with a quick but effective tip.

Tip #1: Starting a small sandwich business? Our 22500 & SN227 products work perfect. Need to-go containers for subs? Our 21900 and 26600 foam hinged containers would probably be the best fit.

Remember, for all your food service packaging needs, Genpak is here make this process easy for you. Follow our basic food packaging series and your business might just be the next one we write about. Are you just starting out a food business? Let us know what type of business and we’ll provide you with helpful ideas to get you started. And if you have any other questions, your answers are only a click away. Send us a quick note and we’ll have you in the right direction in no time!

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