Temperature Control Take Out Containers

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that ruins my half rack of ribs lunch meal, it is warm coleslaw. Not sure where or when it happened, but I absolutely love coleslaw. It hits the spot when scarfing down those ribs. However the slaw always ends up lukewarm or worse yet, it’s migrated into the ribs making them more messy than ribs already are. Same deal with the baked beans. The food packaging my rib place uses just doesn’t seem to do the trick. They always seem to jump from their home compartment into the ribs. Yuk. Why bring up this seemingly obscure topic? Well obviously because Genpak has the solution! It’s pretty neat stuff.

If this sounds like something you want more information on, just follow this link. From it, you can read a little more and also order free samples to test for yourself.

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