New Food Packaging from Genpak

The commissioner of the US Patent office, who in 1899 famously (or infamously) utter the comment that “everything that can be invented has been invented” never met our design team! Introducing our newest hinged take out container…the 203CO, close-off, large hinged container. What’s really cool about this container is that it can save you money! If you are a foodservice operator and regularly use those solid plastic portion cups for your sides, like Coleslaw and baked beans or for condiments like salsa, you will absolutely love this new package. The reason is… you no longer need those containers. Think of the potential savings to be had!

Let’s say for example you use 500 cases of our large hinged 20010 per year for your take-out program.  In those containers you also regularly include two plastic side cups and lids. Those cups & lids probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 cents per set (1 cup, 1 lid). Some may pay a little more and others a little less, but that’s a good ballpark. So you’ve got an extra 6 cents in packaging going out with your large hinged container for a total yearly spend of around $10,000 just in those side cups. Here’s the part you will love. Forget the side cups. You simply do not need them with this package! The 203CO is a compartmentalized container where the lid seals off the compartments of the base. And NO, IT WILL NOT LEAK!

How cool is that? Note that none of the side items migrated into any of the other compartments. Now, this container is a bit more expensive than our standard 20010, but I can guarantee it’s not $20.00 more (that 10 cents x 200 pieces per case)! You will save money, your customers will love the fact they don’t have more to throw away and, your side items will stay at their desired temperature longer.  It’s a win, win, win. Listen, don’t take my word for it, order up a few samples and test it for yourself. My guess is this will become your new take-out container of choice.

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